Welcome to Academic Remedial Center
We offer high quality individualized instruction to students of all ages

welcomeWe acknowledge students have individual learning needs and styles.We believe in ongoing assessment during teaching time that acts like video recording of students’ strengths and weaknesses instead of intermittently spaced exams.
ARC offers high quality individualized instruction to students of all ages to help them achieve their potential and get the best education possible. We offer several programs...

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What We Do
ARC is a one-stop center to meet the diverse educational needs of diverse learners’ age groups

Meet The Founder

“The day we fail to help a student seize the opportunity to learn, we cease to be an effective learning center”
- Sana H.Tabet

Academic Remedial Center is a manifestation of the founder’s will and ambition to bring her signature style of individualized education, which was honed and perfected in her home country, Lebanon, to students all over the UAE. The founder’s educational background and almost three decades of professional expertise with a genuine passion for teaching were the tools that crafted her specialized approach.

Sana Tabet, the founder, received a Masters of Arts in Education with emphasis in special education from the Lebanese American University and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the American University in Beirut. She started her career as a premedical student, but then sought the career of a learning specialist. She was a former secondary and elementary school teacher for a decade, and then founded her own private practice in Beirut, the Early Childhood Intervention Program. She attended professional training in Canada and the US on research-based intervention programs that served to add to her repertoire of skills and expertise in educating students with specific learning difficulties. She pioneered a tripartite classroom based intervention program to teach students with ADHD in the regular classroom. Sana’s main interest is the interplay among biological, educational, and cognitive research findings in directing effective educational practice.

Sana’s area of expertise is conducting comprehensive cognitive and educational assessments and tailoring individualized educational plans to students accordingly. She has catered to students with specific academic gaps as well as those with learning and attention difficulties such as ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, or language comprehension difficulties.

Sana Tabet’s individualized approach has never failed to assist students of diverse academic backgrounds and needs. She worked in collaboration with psychologists from the American University in Beirut among other professionals. Sana’s instructional approach involves a meticulous custom-made process for each student from a treasure of effective programs and research-based strategies.
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Sana’s efficient practice has led her to extend her instructional framework to all students of different age groups and grade levels creating the diversified programs of Academic Remedial Center with individualization as their common core.Sana’s approach has been flexed to serve all categories whether giving the students the necessary remediation to master their school work, bridge existent gaps in specific subject domains, prepare for college exams, learn new languages, or overcome learning difficulties.

The founder’s goal is to provide effective instruction to all and her premise is that individualized instruction is the most time, result and cost effective after school supplementary education possible.