What gives ARC its unique identity as a remedial tutoring center?

  • ARC’s advantage is its specialized comprehensive approach for teaching students with learning and attention difficulties.
  • We conduct specialized diagnostic assessments for students with serious learning barriers ranging from baseline curriculum-based or skill-based assessments to a thorough cognitive-educational assessment.
  • We tailor for each student an individualized educational plan (IEP) based on the student’s assessment report of weaknesses, strengths, and cognitive processing profile.
  • We implement research-based intervention programs for each student as per his/her indicated difficulty.
  • We have an extensive array of internationally acclaimed programs to select from. Our list includes but is not limited to: LiPS© program for phonemic awareness; Sounds Abound© for multisensory phonological awareness, Touch Math© and On Cloud Nine© for math intervention; IMCE© Multisensory Orton-Gillingham Reading-based Methodology; Seeing Stars© for phonological and orthographic awareness; Verbalizing and Visualizing© for Language Comprehension and thinking; Recipe for Reading©, HELP© for language processing and Memory,etc…

What We Do
ARC is a one-stop center to meet the diverse educational needs of diverse learners’ age groups