Our Approach

Academic Remedial Center, ARC, is not just our name, but it’s a bridge that helps students overcome barriers, close achievement gaps and jumpstart towards success.We provide bespoke educational packages implemented by subject-specific expert teachers who help students of all ages and levels to reach their goals and exceed their expectations.

Although the steps we follow are sequential and cumulative in nature, we continuously alternate among different steps back and forth until mastery of the skills targeted by the individual learner is achieved.

For students experiencing a particular learning difficulty, we can conduct comprehensive psycho-educational assessments (cognitive and achievement) by licensed bilingual evaluators with PhD degrees and experience in Clinical or Educational Psychology..

Whenever the student’s assessment report suggests reading difficulties associated with dyslexia or attention difficulties associated with ADHD, we can provide trained professionals to help. Students with dyslexia can be enrolled in either an English or Arabic remedial reading program specifically designed for learners with dyslexia and based on the multi-sensory approach to teaching phonemic and phonological awareness.

What We Do
ARC is a one-stop center to meet the diverse educational needs of diverse learners’ age groups