Full School Support Program
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welcomeWhether your child needs intensive academic help or regular follow up with school work and want an immediate solution, ARC junior provides the most appropriate program. ARC Junior offers high quality, strategic, low-cost individual/group tutoring programs to elementary/primary school students, 6-11 years of age. It’s the most affordable and comprehensive support system available in all academic subjects providing full school support.

ARC Full School Support Program is designed for reinforcement of concepts learned in school (math, English, Arabic/French and science), homework help, preparation for school exams, assistance with school projects, and teaching effective study skills towards independent learning.

The program specializes in instruction not only for remedial purposes but for enrichment as well.

We provide individualized instruction for helping students, who are behind academically, close academic gaps and achieve their potential. We equally provide informed help for children who want to increase their competitiveness and get ahead of their school program.

Our full school support team consists of individual subject specific expert teachers (math, English, Arabic/French and science) who tailor their instruction to each individual student’s subject needs and customize their objectives to meet those set by the student’s school.

Our teachers strive to provide a healthy home-like learning environment and ongoing formative assessment. Our teachers make ample opportunities for integrating interactive educational technology also available. As such, children have time to learn and grow making sure their schoolwork is done and they live up to their potential.

We pay special concern to students who may fall through the cracks and require extra specialized services. We believe that no student should fall behind and as such provide expert assistance to students with learning difficulties such as Dyslexia and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder). Our exceptional approach catering to all and combined with subject specific teachers and computer-assisted instruction is sure to move our students towards success.

How do we do it?

First of all, we accumulate as much information as possible about the student’s learning needs by reviewing school results and using in-house assessments. We also seek school-related information such as the student’s daily class schedule, exam calendar, school objectives and resources. Accordingly, the student is advised to enroll in the most suitable monthly program (regular, intensive, daily, every other day, etc.)

Individual subject domain - math, English, Arabic, French and science - specialized teachers work with the student daily on each subject. The teacher provides the student with a complete revision of learned concepts in class and enough drilling exercises to consolidate learned material. The teacher monitors students' progress every step of the way with formative assessment and provide tailored help to meet each student's specific needs through daily personal interaction and appropriate strategies.

To our junior learners, the lessons are interactive, fun and a refreshing alternative to traditional tutorial sessions while, behind the scenes, there’s a dedicated team ensuring that every minute of every lesson is targeted towards improving student’s achievement and increasing standards. Learning sessions also include opportunities to engage in interactive educational technology using the Smartboard for facilitated learning and computer assisted instructional games for motivation and reinforcement of learned concepts.

We also encourage students to develop their potentials and make progress ahead of their day school curriculum schedules. As such, the children will gain a sense of confidence and excitement towards learning unlike any they have experienced before.

For students with suspected learning difficulties, we can offer psycho-educational assessment (cognitive and achievement) conducted by certified evaluators. Students with ADHD can be offered tailored one-to-one assistance with effective behavioral, environmental, and instructional strategies. Students with Dyslexia are offered one-to-one sessions following a full specialized accredited English or Arabic reading program for dyslexia.

“Don’t let your children fall through the cracks, intervention now will prevent future difficulties”.