Primary Remdedial Program
Did you know that 90% of all brain development occurs by the age of 5?
"Don’t let your child lose nature’s gift of optimal learning in his/her early key years."

welcomeOur Primary Remdedial Program is designed to give children the best foundation possible for learning. This is an excellent stimulating learning program for mothers seeking intensive learning experiences for their children to ensure acquisition of all primary skills required for academic success. The children will be immersed in developmentally appropriate learning experiences to build a strong understanding of early academic concepts and develop readiness for all school tasks.

Our targeted Outcomes include:

  • language development
  • cognitive development
  • vocabulary enrichment
  • Primary literacy
  • Phonemic awareness and phonics
  • Primary numeracy
  • logic and problem solving puzzles
  • development of fine motor skills
  • social development
  • following routines and directions
  • cooperation skills
  • early computer literacy
  • confidence building

How do we do it?

Our teaching methodology is based on sound early childhood research findings that children learn most effectively through play, hands-on activities and social interaction.

Our experienced teachers will tailor learning activities according to the individual child’s (ZPD), zone of proximal development, and provide scaffolding where needed. Children will explore new language and mathematical concepts and develop their motor skills through carefully planned educational games, hands on activities, art and craft as well as Primary literacy and numeracy curricular material.

Children will be enrolled in regular or intensive programs according to their individual needs, where they are exposed to various educational material in a supportive, fun, and exciting environment.

Children with learning or attention difficulties will be enrolled in a specialized program for one hour twice or three times a week. They will follow an individually designed lesson plan according to the child’s attention span and learning needs, and receive one-to-one instruction in a highly structured set-up with a lot of motivational prompts and reinforcers