Ana Eduarda Martins

"Academic Remedial Center at Dubai Knowledge Village is amazing! One year ago, our daughter was struggling in math. She was discouraged and had completely given up, and had convinced herself that she was stupid. She was on the verge of failing math, and barely scraped by with a D- overall grade for the year. Today, one year later, our daughter scored a 100% mark on her final math exam for the year, and received an A overall grade for the year. What an incredible difference your tutoring has made in her life, and in ours too! Thank you so much for providing the extra bit of encouragement that she needed! I highly recommend ARC to any parents looking for tutoring help for their children."

Mr. Dennis Kight

"Ya he could do it. I would like to thank you and I am so grateful for your support and service, which made a huge change. again I really appreciate it, thanks a lot from my heart to all the teachers who have taught Abdulrahman from A to Z."

Ms. May Rashed

" I enrolled my daughter in academic centre for her weakness in Arabic language and was very impressed with the outcome. I want to thank the academic remedial centre for their help and my daughter's great improvement. "

Ms. Saad

"Many thanks for your work that you have done for our son... it has been a revelation for us, and we have seen such an improvement, both from a knowledge perspective and in his attitude to learning."

Mrs. & Mr. Timothy