Our Vision

We at ARC understand that all learners are unique, with individual learning styles, needs, and preferences and teachers need to customize their instructional practice accordingly.Our students’ individual requirements are always at the forefront of our lesson planning and teaching practice.

"If students can’t learn the way we teach them, we’d better teach them the way they learn."

We believe in ongoing assessment during teaching time that acts like video recording of students’ strengths and weaknesses instead of intermittently spaced exams. Formative assessment throughout instruction is what provides continuous feedback to the teachers guiding their individualized instructional practice and enables them to monitor students’ progress every step of the way. We also believe that empowering students requires teaching students effective study skills and helping them gain a sense of confidence and excitement towards learning. Our students’ individual requirements are always at the forefront of our lesson planning and teaching practice.

"Teachers affect eternity, nobody knows where their influence stops."

We also consider core to the success of the student is a scaffold built on collaboration among home, school, and after-school remedial program

Our Mission
We seek leadership in school supplemental education while providing a one-stop solution for all students’ educational needs.


Based on sound educational research findings and extensive years of experience in different facets of the educational process, we intend to empower young and adult learners with learning skills that will last a lifetime while inspiring them with a love for learning that continues throughout their academic and professional lives. At ARC we provide an environment conducive to learning in which students can make the most of their instructional time. We provide strategic assistance enabling the students to meet different curricula set objectives and develop subject-specific learning skills. More importantly, we equally aim for our students to recognize their own learning needs and strengths and be involved in planning future steps towards independent learning.

Our utmost goal is for our students to discover within themselves the possibilities and means to continuing growing success and hence a sense of self-esteem and motivation for life-long learning.